"The Doodle Lady"


Lori is a pen and ink Schuylkill County artist. She works primarily with ultra-fine drawing pens and pencils, creating art fueled by the music around her. She pursues themes of whimsy, nature, and intricate patterns. Lori practiced art until her college years, pursuing a degree in psychology before returning to art a few years after her son's graduation. Now she pursues it full-time, incorporating what she's learned into her art. She loves to hear people say, “Your art just makes me happy,” because now she is fulfilling both of her passions. Lori finds inspiration everywhere, from photos to music and everywhere in between. For her, art is a means of expression and to unwind.

Artist Statement

Nothing is inanimate. Everything around me is bursting with story and personality—trees, appliances, homes—they all express themselves in some way. My drawings and paintings seek to capture this interplay of emotions, from the playfulness of creatures to the beauty of nature to mesmerizing abstracts and the wonders of childhood. The characters I draw are far from perfect—they fall, shiver, cry, and startle—but they also dance, hug, ponder, nuzzle, and smile, even when things go wrong. Sometimes I start out with a plan for what to draw, but most often I simply put on music and see where my pen takes me. Besides making art, my next favorite thing is seeing people's reactions and meeting returning customers—although I haven't quite gotten used to strangers pointing me out as “The Doodle Lady.”